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Severe Low back pain from 5 days ago. I had chronic low back symptom after child birth...

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  • 2010年4月 9日 14:26
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  Low back symptom started after delivering a baby 4 yrs ago.  I felt severe low back pain when I woke up in the morning 5 days ago.  Pain was there ether when I was sitting, standing, walking.  Although I've gone to Orthopedist or other clinics, I didn't feel a big difference.  Even though it was quite far distance to Yokohama, but I decided to come to Ligare.

~Current situation~
  • Severe pain in Low back area
  • Due to the pain, range of motion is about 15 degrees in flexion, extention, and side vending.
  • Sever pain with leg raise test on right side.
  • By giving pressure on the stomach, the pain decreased with leg raise test.

~Course of treatment~

  • Low back pain(LBP) caused by the muscle spasm around hip, therefore those muscle was the target of treatment.
  • At the 1st visit, adjustment of the pelvic position was done by patients own weight with using pelvic block.  By treating the muscle with spasm, and approaching to increase the hip joint range of motion(ROM), patient become able to walk smoothly with much less pain.
  • 2nd treatment was 4 days after the 1st visit.  The chief complain got much better and hip joint ROM became increased.  The muscle tone of back was still high.  The muscle around scapula got higher tone, therefore treated to mobilize the scapula and the muscle around it.
  • 3rd treatment was 1week after the 2nd visit.  LBP became much relieved. 

~Comment from chiropractor: Dr. Obata~

  • The reason of LBP was spasm of muscle in low back area caused by overuse.  By adjusting the pelvis, and by approaching to mobilize hip joint, the LBP was much relieved.
  • Although this patient had come all the way to Yokohama, taking 2hrs for one way,  it was nice relieving pain in just 3 visits.

Dull pain on the neck & shoulder from 2-3 years ago, numbness appeared on the hand. (Male in the 40's) 

The patient has been using PC for long hours on work, and feeling tightness on neck and shoulder.  Finally the numbness appeared on the hand.  He went to see an orthopedist, and DR diagnosed as a cervical spondylotic myelopathy.  He got the traction treatment for 6-7 times, the frequency of the numbness symptom decreased.  However no more progress after that.  So, he googled the chiropractic office in Yokohama, and visited Ligare chiropractic office. 
~The 1st visit~
  • Dull pain on the right side neck & shoulder.
  • Numbness on the right palm with lying on the face down.
  • High muscle tone from the right neck to arm.

~Course of treatment~

After the 1st treatment, felt light on neck and shoulder area, and the shoulder movement became smoother.

The 2nd treatment was 1 week after.  No numbness on the hand for 2-3 days after 1st. treatment.

The 3rd treatment was 2 weeks after.  No more numbness on the hand.

~Comment from Chiropractor; Dr. Kawaguchi~

In this case the numbness caused by cervical spur.  Numbness disappeared in about 1 month after the 1st visit.

 Neck region contains many delicate, pain sensitive structures commonly exposed to abuse and abnormal stresses. Incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries, poor posture, prolonged sitting, and lack of periodic spinal alignments are some of the more common factors in the development of neck problems.
Fortunately, most individuals suffering from neck problems will find chiropractic care extremely beneficial. Unlike prescription drugs, most chiropractic procedures address the cause of the majority of neck problems, not simply the symptoms. Best of all, chiropractic care is safe, natural, and noninvasive... no side effects allowed!

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